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  •  Hervé Gambs Hôtel Riviera Eau de Cologne  a holiday memory of a Mediterranean cruise. The freshness of mint and citrus on a bed of sun-warmed orange flowers surrounded by cedar wood for a prolonged celebration of exceptional freshness. Because nothing refreshes you on a hot summer day like juicy citrus. On the plate and on the skin. A fragrance for people full of energy, joyful and adventurous. Fragrance from the Cologne Intense collection. A journey through wonderful childhood memories on the French Riviera. Regressive, authentic and delightful, the fragrance collection combines the freshness of a cologne with the intensity of a long-lasting perfume. Fragrances for men and women who want to experience the intensity of nature and celebrate the happy moments of their holiday.


     Composition:  grapefruit, rhubarb, jasmine, ylang-ylang, vanilla from Madagascar


     Fragrance notes:  citrus, fresh, floral, fruity

    HERVÉ GAMBS Hotel Riviera EDC

    645,00 złPrice
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