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  •  Pink Evidence  is very multidimensional. Hervé Gambs chooses the iris flower, an icon of virgin femininity of the 19th century, juxtaposing it with yuzu and hawthorn for a sparkling modernity. This duality is supported by a delicate note of violet and a charming ylang-ylang accord. Pink Evidence is a tribute to the modern woman.


    Pink Evidence is a vibrant and sensual fragrance that celebrates the charisma and fascinating contradictions of the modern woman. A woman who knows how to use her strength points, romantic and playful during the day, glamorous and sensual in the evening. Fragile and strong she is free to love and think what she wants unpredictable and elusive she is unique every time. This creation was born to enclose these multiple facets. Iris represents femininity from the past to which the most vibrant and current hawthorn berries and Yuzu are applied. This duality is balanced by the delicate notes of the viola and mingles at the end in an inviting trail of Ylang-Ylang.


     Composition:  yuzu, hawthorn, jasmine, ylang ylang, violet, iris


     Fragrance notes:  floral, powdery

    HERVÉ GAMBS Pink Evidence EDC

    645,00 złPrice
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