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  •  Exclusive Kajal perfumes 
    Almaz is the latest, long-awaited fragrance by Kajal, created in 2022 by the outstanding perfumer Rania Jounaeh. Both the composition itself and the visual side have been refined in every inch. This is the first such a luxurious bottle, the cap of which is decorated with beautifully shimmering Swarovski crystals. In addition, inside the box there is a 3ml Lamar perfume bottle and a mini catalog with photos and descriptions of the entire Kajal collection. Almaz is the Arabic name for diamonds. They are known not only for their sublime beauty, but also for their timelessness, as they can withstand millions of years of immense molding pressure. The composition of Almaz was created by perfumer Rania Jouaneh, creating exceptionally strong and sensual perfumery creations. Almaz is a gentle yet sensual composition consisting of a rich and pure earthy softness.


      Fragrance compositions: 
    Almaz opens with a captivating fruity combination of bergamot and blackcurrant and a delightful blend of fresh sweetness with a spicy edge. The heart notes are an elegant blend of raspberry, floral notes and heliotrope. The base of the fragrance features a delicious combination of musk, woody notes, vanilla, amber and brown sugar.


      Brand Kajal, high quality perfumes 
    Original fragrance notes are important to many people. Such an original combination, which distinguishes Kajal perfumes, creates a real explosion of juicy fragrance and freshness that immediately stimulates the senses. Eau de parfum should, above all, be long-lasting - only thanks to this the fragrance will last longer. This is why it is worth choosing the Kajal brand. The perfume will be noticeable even after a few hours of application. This will affect the person's well-being, and thus their comfort. The Kajal brand makes sure that each perfume has a natural composition. There is no place for artificial substances that, for example, would weaken the power of the fragrance.


      Fragrance notes:  oriental, floral, fruity, sugary, spicy


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