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  •  Exclusive Kajal perfumes 
    Kajal Lamar is a phenomenal fruit-floral-oriental composition. "Lamar" means "liquid gold" in Arabic, which is reflected in the golden color of the mixture enclosed in an openwork bottle that gives luxury and uniqueness. Both the design of the Kajal perfume and the fragrance content contribute to improving the mood, inspire and increase the attractiveness of every moment during which it is used. Thanks to them, every occasion of opening a bottle will be almost a ceremony. Kajal perfumes are an excellent choice for anyone who would like to supplement their collection of fragrances with a truly exclusive item. It stays for a long time both on the skin and on clothes.

     Fragrance compositions: 
    In any fragrance composition, the most important thing is balance. Kajal Lamar perfumes are the perfect balance between juicy fruit notes and subtle spices. The top notes are primarily dominated by fruits such as pineapple, red berries or apple enriched with cardamom and coriander. At the heart of Kajal Lamar perfume are flowers, including Turkish and Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac and magnolia. The base notes are vanilla, amber, cashmere wood, cedar, musk and moss. The combination of these ingredients makes each Kajal perfume unique. It is an excellent proposition for people who appreciate original fragrance notes. The Kajal brand has only premium products. Thanks to this, all perfumes are of the best quality. This translates into the satisfaction of our customers.

     Brand Kajal, high quality perfume 
    Original fragrance notes are important to many people. Such an original combination, which distinguishes Kajal perfumes, creates a real explosion of juicy fragrance and freshness that immediately stimulates the senses. Eau de parfum should, above all, be long-lasting - only thanks to this the fragrance will last longer. This is why it is worth choosing the Kajal brand. The perfume will be noticeable even after a few hours of application. This will affect the person's well-being, and thus their comfort. The Kajal brand makes sure that each perfume has a natural composition. There is no place for artificial substances that, for example, would weaken the power of the fragrance.

     Fragrance notes:  oriental, fruity, floral


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