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  • The latest composition from  Parfums de Marly  is an unusual, light gourmand with a floral opening. The main accord of the composition is created by an intense, clean scent of white orange blossom, whose spatial freshness harmonizes with a delicate note of Chantilly cream and marshmallows. The appetizing aroma is enhanced by the mix of citrus building the top chord, and the heart, enriched with the deep scent of raspberries and blackcurrant, brings modernity and youthful energy. Thanks to the soft musk base, the whole remains subtle, undisturbed and very feminine. A juicy elixir of happiness in a fluffy frame gives the impression of pleasant softness that Oriana spreads, evolving for many hours.


     Composition:  tangerine, bergamot and grapefruit, orange blossom, raspberry and blackcurrant, marshmallow, chantilly cream, musk and ambrette (musk mallow)


     Fragrance notes:  citrus, floral, fruity, fresh, sweet

    PARFUMS de MARLY Royal Essence Oriana EDP

    1 225,00 złPrice
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