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  • A smile is like a diamond. As beams of light sweep across it, it sparkles from all angles. It is a precious gift, brightening the day of the recipient. It is unique, with its own individual characteristics. The swiss smile Diamond Glow toothpaste intensifies a smile’s beauty, strengthening the connection between the natural crystal and the body’s own precious gems. 


    Each tube of this extraordinary whitening toothpaste contains one carat of diamond dust, which creates a new standard in oral hygiene. The toothpaste provides thorough, even tooth cleaning with minimal interference with the enamel. Thanks to the extremely low dentin abrasion (RDA 20), tooth surfaces are gently but thoroughly whitened and smoothed. The anti-inflammatory curcumin reduces the formation of tartar and tooth decay. The toothpaste does not contain SLS. Insted, it contains ingredients that moisturize and smooth the gums, as well as strengthening aloe vera.


    Daily use of the swiss smile brightening diamond toothpaste will ensure gentle oral hygiene and a brilliant, diamond smile combined with the feeling of unusually smooth teeth.

    SWISS SMILE Diamond Glow - brightening toothpaste

    239,00 złPrice
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