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  • Whitening tooth foam allows you to obtain a more pronounced white tooth effect than competitive products, while protecting the enamel.


    Thanks to the content of pearl dust obtained from shells, the foam covers and repairs the enamel, eliminating the hypersensitivity of the necks. The crystal structure of the foam effectively absorbs impurities, gently cleaning the tooth surface and protecting against plaque build-up. All this guarantees permanent protection of the outer layer of the teeth and a beautiful, radiant, pearly smile.


    The foam, thanks to the content of fluoride, xylitol, green tea extract and anti-inflammatory allantoin, provides even better protection of the oral cavity in any situation. The tooth enamel is the hardest and most mineralized substance in the human body. It is 97% composed of a mineral called hydroxyapatite (HAP). The exceptionally pure, natural nano-hydroxyapatite (nHAP) contained in the tooth whitening foam is highly compatible with the hydroxyapatite found in the enamel. Thanks to its porous structure, the foam removes discoloration and bacteria from the surface of the teeth. At the same time, nHAP particles cover them, rebuilding damaged enamel fragments. A protective layer forms on the teeth.


    The whitening foam is perfect even for sensitive teeth, reducing the feeling of pain, and the perfectly white particles from the shell give the teeth a healthy pearly glow. With regular use, the effects of foam with a capacity of 30 ml are visible for a long time.

    SWISS SMILE Pearl Shine - whitening tooth foam

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