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  • Pure whitening power that, thanks to the special effectiveness of the formula, removes permanent, giving the effect of a natural look. Intensively active, polishing particle particles remove marks with only minimal abrasion of enamel. Gives a quick whitening effect. In addition, the anti-inflammatory curcumin in the toothpaste inhibits the action of tartar. The unique formula of the paste does not contain the SLS health supplement. Instead, an addition of moisturizing, soothing and strengthening aloe vera extract was added. It is an extremely effective, natural permanent agent, a healthy and dazzling white smile from the first use. 


    The slightly rounded CUREN® fibers absorb much less water than nylon fibers, are more durable and do not expand during brushing. Thanks to this, more of them could be placed in the brush head. Microscopic cleaning particles on the outer bristles of the head gently remove plaque and persistent stains. Densely arranged CUREN® fibers in the center of the head polish and clean the surface of the teeth. The small head alone, combined with the octagonal handle, allows you to clean the teeth at the perfect angle, making this treatment extremely effective within the entire oral cavity.


    Whitening brushes are the perfect companion for swiss smile whitening toothpastes. Perfect for everyday use and especially when traveling

    SWISS SMILE Snow White - whitening toothpaste & toothbrush

    219,00 złPrice
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