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  •  Ricin  - a protein with strong toxic properties derived from the castor bean plant Ricinus Communis. All parts of the plant contain ricin, but the highest concentration is found in the seeds. Castor bean is a plant of extraordinary beauty, decorative, full of colorful colors and attractive fruits, capable of blooming all year round. It was used by Lucretia Borgia in the decoration of her stunning gardens. The fatal beauty of the plant was the inspiration for the secret plans of Lucretia, who loved this poison because it left no trace in the victims. To this day, no effective antidote to this poison has been found, just as there is no effective defense against the persuasive power of this incredible fragrance, which opens with sweet and bitter fruit notes, luring us strongly. Energetic Sicilian bergamot and orange combine wonderfully with the sweetness of peach and red plum. In the heart of the fragrance, an abundance of jasmine flowers intertwines with iris and peony. The whole creation is strongly supported by notes of wood, patchouli and oud, but they have been skillfully softened by the freshness of oak moss.  Ricina V Canto  is a narcotic elixir enclosed in a noble bottle that leaves no choice to those who smell it...


    Composition: bergamot, orange, peach, plum, jasmine, peony, iris, oud, patchouli


    Fragrance notes: fruity, floral, oriental, powdery

    V CANTO Ricina EDP

    1 580,00 złPrice
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