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  • This is undoubtedly the sweetest poison in the  V Canto Red Collection.  Fascinating and full of charm,  Stricnina  is breathtaking from the moment it opens with its citrus breeze. Juicy passion fruit enchants the heart and characterful currant awakens all the senses. The seduction deepens note by note, peach, cinnamon, raspberry, vanilla... This hypnotic, seductive and extremely joyful mixture is enhanced with amber and musk to seduce every heart with a deadly breath...


     Composition:  passion fruit, lemon, blackcurrant leaf, bergamot, peach, cinnamon, raspberry, vanilla, sweet notes, woody notes, musk and amber


     Fragrance notes:  fruity, oriental

    V CANTO Stricnina EDP

    1 200,00 złPrice
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