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Card game for couples - You and Me (game in Polish)


An innovative proposition for couples, guaranteeing interesting clashes and romantic inspirations.


90 cards with separate commands for her and for him, containing many interesting suggestions and tasks.


The roll of the dice will decide who will side with the task.


However, there is a catch to all this! It's the player who completes the task that gets the point, so sometimes it's better to take the initiative ;-)


The first person to score 30 points wins.

So think carefully before choosing who you want to be in the game You and Me!


The game includes:

  •      45 cards for her
  •      45 cards for Him
  •      4 special cards for Him
  •      player designating cube
  •      hourglass

CARD GAME for Couples - You & Me

35,00 złPrice
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