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READY sustainable development goals SDGs

Through our eco-friendly initiatives we support
key Sustainable Development Goals.





every month




of life

average time spent on menstruation 



per person

used by one person in a lifetime





period poverty

every month

READY SDGs good health and well-being
READY SDG gender equality
READY SDGs responsible productions and consumption

Target 3+5:

Our products are beneficial for health and well-being and the technology can assist in making life easier and safer. This is particularly important for women’s empowerment nowadays, which is something that we want to promote through our business activities. Improving gender equality generally enables the achievement of better health. Women’s health issues are in some contexts under-prioritized and underfunded, and promoting gender equality can lead to health gains. Moreover, mothers make important health decisions for their children, so their empowerment leads to improved child health outcomes. In general, gender-responsive technologies and innovations have a potential to bridge the gender gap and can reinforce positive synergies between other SDGs.

Target 3+12:  

Our manufacturing Partner is located in Europe and recognized as a leader in its industry. The above-mentioned Partner company takes environmental factors into account in the production processes, which means environmental protection, including pollution prevention, maintaining high standards of health and safety of employees and meeting other obligations resulting from the organization's operations. Our product meets the quality norms under the: ISO 9001:2015 regulations, in the following areas:


- purchase of raw materials,

- production and planning,

- product and process development,

- control and detection of damage to finished products,

- administration and execution of orders,

- logistics and deliveries

Sustainable production is strongly connected with health over the long term; the dependence of health goals on sustainable action is strongly recognized in the new paradigm of planetary health.

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