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  • JOY DIVISION - Soft Tampons Mini


    New from the German manufacturer Joy Division.


    It is an absolute phenomenon in the field of tampons.


    Perfect for sauna, sports and swimming. They are practically imperceptible, and by the way, they are incredibly comfortable to use. Soft-Tampons are very comfortable to use thanks to the soft and light material.


    When creating Soft-Tampons, special attention was paid to the sense of security and ensuring maximum hygiene during menstruation.


    The product has been dermatologically and clinically tested.


    It was made of a body-safe, non-toxic sponge that is free of any chemical substance in order to eliminate the possibility of irritation and allergies.


    The tampon weighs only 2 grams.


    Soft-Tampon is a guarantee of safety, hygiene and well-being.


    Features of Soft Tampons:

    • Contents: 3 Soft-Tampons
    • Size: Mini (tampons are also available in Standard size)
    • Weight: 2g
    • They perfectly match the anatomical shapes
    • Comfortable and pleasant to use
    • Hygienic and skin-safe material (chemical free)
    • Clinically and dermatologically tested
    • They are suitable for use in saunas, swimming, sports and other physical activities
    • Almost imperceptible and very comfortable
    • Very easy to use
    • Confirmed by the Oeko-Tex certificate
    • Made in Germany

    JOY DIVISION Mini 3 pcs. - soft tampons for sports, swimming, sauna

    21,00 złPrice
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