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  •  AURA  perfume is an expression of inner energy, which is like an invisible force field. The first encounter with the fragrance is a flash!


    AURA begins brightly, luminous thanks to the note of Calabrian bergamot - citrus, but a bit dry, spicy. Fresh, shimmering, slightly resinous, slightly fruity, it balances the appetizing crispness of the Brazilian orange. The opening closes with a unique, bitter-sweet balance, for which an exotic duet is responsible: grapefruit and pineapple. However, AURA is primarily red, intoxicating, intense density of raspberries and tropical sensuality of passion flower, all with a pinch of vanilla. A hot, pulsating, carnal heart harmoniously entwines with the narcotic notes of Indian jasmine sambac. The fragrance binds and maintains on the skin an accord of oak moss and oriental musk, broken with a stringy, sweet caramel.


    Kinetic Perfumes Barcelona is a luxury, niche perfume brand, award-winning master perfumers. The creations created by them are made in Barcelona, in a family business that has mastered this art to perfection over the last three generations. The minimalist nature of the bottle is characterized by a luxurious finish and attention to every detail. Specially designed magnetic closure creates the impression of dynamics and timeless modern design.


     Composition:  calabrian bergamot, brazilian orange, grapefruit, pineapple, plum, lily of the valley, indian sambac jasmine, raspberry, passion flower from Peru, vanilla, nuts, caramel, oak moss, Ambergris, musk


     Fragrance notes:  floral, fruity, sweet, oriental, powdery


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