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  •  L'UNA  in Italian means the first, one, only, unique. It brings to mind a beloved woman who radiates warmth and good energy. This is a tribute, a continuation of the one beloved.


    L'una is an amazing sensual, wonderful portrait of feminine, sophisticated elegance. A saffron-citrus application of a leaving revealing oriental cocktail dominated by captivating rose and the perfect sweetness of plum, spiced with a spicy aroma of nutmeg. Woody notes of cedar and sandalwood, assessed with the warmth of amber and vanilla, and the nobility of musk complement the fragrance, making it an amazingly tempting and seductive character.


    Kinetic Perfumes Barcelona is a luxury, niche perfume brand born from the ambition to provide impressions and analysis on fragrances and ships from their experience. All the prize numbers you created master perfumers, the best essences available. The creations they created in Barcelona, in a family business that has mastered this art to perfection over the last three generations. The minimalist and monolithic nature of the bottle is destined for luxury and income in every detail.


     Composition: saffron, bergamot, lemon,orange, nutmeg, rose, plum, lychee, violet ,lily of the valley, sandal tree, vetiver, cedar tree, ambergris, vanilla,musk


     Fragrance notes:  floral, fruity, oriental, powdery


    850,00 złPrice
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