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  • READY tampon case is your personal hygiene bodyguard.


    It provides hygiene, comfort and elegance during your menstruation.


    The case protects tampons from bacteria that often accumulate in women's handbags, backpacks or gym bags, and additionally safeguards the tampon wrapper from external damage.


    The case contains 2 organic tampons and fits tampons in all sizes. After using them, you can refill the case with tampons of your favorite brand.


    Trouble? No worries! It’s water-resistant and super easy to clean.


    But wait, there's more! 

    READY APP will remind you to refill your tampon case before your period! The user-friendly app will help you monitor your menstrual cycle, take care of healthy habits and share your experiences with other users.


    This perfect combination will make your tampon case READY anytime, anywhere you need it!


    * READY tampon case is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene - Health Quality Certificate issued by the National Institute of Public Health in Poland.

    READY Miss Gold - a case with a mobile app

    39,90 złPrice
    • READY - a tampon case with a mobile app

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