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Shiatsu Extase - Orange & Sandalwood Massage Oil 100ml


A delicate, stimulating oil that stays on the skin for a long time.


In addition to the sensual smell, it is characterized by extraordinary properties. After application, it leaves the skin soft and smooth, additionally provides a long-lasting massage.


Massage with Shiatsu oils is a guarantee of sensual relaxation and pleasure.


Massage increases circulation, relaxes the body, soul and can take many forms. It's enjoyable for both parties and often leaves you wanting more...


Apply a small amount on your partner's skin and massage it all over your body, you will stimulate the senses of both of you!


Soluble in water and easy to wash off.


It is not sticky and does not leave stains.

SHIATSU Extase - orange & sandalwood massage oil

59,00 złPrice
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