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  • Exclusive massage candle - Shiatsu Massage Candle Sandalwood 130g.


    The candle was created in such a way that it melts at a sufficiently low temperature to become a wonderful massage oil with softening and regenerative properties. The skin becomes silky smooth, firm and beautifully fragrant.


    After lighting it, the air will be filled with a seductive mist with a sensual scent. When the insert is liquid, it will turn into a smooth, nourishing and moisturizing massage oil. After about 15-20 minutes, you can extinguish the candle and spread it over the body, then start the massage.


    Pheromones and aphrodisiacs embedded in the candle add mystery and incredible magic.


    What is most associated with sandalwood is its unique scent. The aroma obtained from sandalwood extract is very intense and at the same time extremely characteristic. It's a very sweet scent - rich, balsamic, ethereal with light woody notes. If we get to know this fragrance, we will never forget it, it has some mystery and depth. It is quite exotic and its characteristic feature is extraordinary durability.


    Just after lighting it, a beautiful smell is emitted that fills the entire room, while after complete melting, the wax becomes a balm.


    Packaging capacity 130g.

    SHIATSU - sandalwood scented massage candle

    95,00 złPrice
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