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  • Herbal Bliss is instilled with Swiss botanical extracts, purposefully sourced for their therapeutic benefits. These powerful essences, used in herbal remedies for centuries, collaborate to repair and regenerate teeth and gums, relieving them of the day’s stressors. 


    Pure herbal strength that is a combination of edelweiss, echinacea, green tea extract and chlorophyll. The valuable, well-balanced formula strengthens sensitive teeth and soothes delicate gums. Edelweiss, echinacea and green tea extract also have anti-inflammatory properties, provide bacteriological balance, regenerate irritated gums. Edelweiss also contains natural flavonoids that have antioxidant properties, neutralizing dangerous radicals. In turn, chlorophyll ensures long-lasting fresh breath. The carefully selected composition of ingredients does not contain SLS. The toothpaste guarantees effective and gentle protection of the oral cavity, and thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it promotes strong, healthy gums, ensuring proper bacterial flora.


    Extremely delicate and soft toothbrushes have over 7 times more bristles than traditional toothbrushes. Thanks to this, they are much denser and better than standard models available in supermarkets. Rounded at the top, CUREN® fibers retain less water than traditional nylon fibers. As a result, when brushing the teeth, they do not increase their volume and easily reach the grooves around the interdental spaces and the gum borders. At the same time, they protect the teeth by gently massaging the gums. The small brush head and octagonal handle allow you to hold the brush at the perfect angle, which in turn enables gentle and effective cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. Delicate soft toothbrush is the perfect companion for energizing swiss smile herbal toothpaste.

    SWISS SMILE Herbal Bliss - energizing toothpaste & toothbrush

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