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  • Exclusive "Taboo" massage candle with the scent of a mysterious forest full of wild trees and ferns.


    The candle was created in such a way that it melts at a sufficiently low temperature to become a wonderful massage oil with softening and regenerative properties.


    "Taboo" massage candle is also an aphrodisiac which is a mixture of natural vegetable oils.

    After lighting it, the air will be filled with a misty mist with a sensual scent.


    When the insert is liquid, it will turn into a smooth, nourishing and moisturizing massage oil.

    After about 10 minutes, you can extinguish the candle and spread it over the body, then start the massage.


    Pheromones and aphrodisiacs embedded in the candle add magic and mystery.


    Packaging capacity 60g.





    It is worth getting interested in a massage with the use of warm candle oil, especially on cold winter days. It has a relaxing and relaxing effect, relieves fatigue and pain after hard physical exercise, supports regeneration. The combination of heated oil with massage techniques will take your body and mind to a different level of relaxation. It perfectly harmonizes with the art of aromatherapy.


    Healthy skin

    "It's better to prevent than to treat" Young age is the perfect time to start skin care because it determines the appearance in mature age.


    Dry skin

    People with dry skin should use regular moisturizing treatments. Specially selected ingredients in warm massage oil have a moisturizing effect and retain moisture in the epidermis for a long time. Coconut oil and hydrogenated soybean oil have strong moisturizing properties. The skin becomes firmer and rested.


    Tired skin

    Many factors affect the aging process of the skin. Unfortunately, these are inevitable processes progressing over time. Advanced age, poor diet, not drinking water, atmospheric factors such as sun rays or wind. The first symptom is dry skin. Regular use of the candle slows down the aging process of the skin (we recommend using it 2-3 times a week). Careful and systematic care with massage oil nourishes skin tissues, cocoa butter (theobromo oil) and hydrogenated soybean oil are your allies in the fight against the passage of time.


    Stretch marks and cellulite

    Candle treatments help restore the healthy condition of the skin. The oil has firming, tissue regeneration and moisturizing properties. The product can be used by pregnant women. The treatments firm the skin, add elasticity to it. Massage candles have been commonly used to treat cellulite and stretch marks in natural medicine.

    TABOO Caresses Ardentes - wild forest scented massage candle

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